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  • We live on acreage on the Gold Coast - Australia, 10 mins from the ocean and tucked away in bushland atop a ridge. Perfect. One thing stops us from enjoying the great outdoor living areas is the dreaded Mosquito. We had the Mosquito Management System installed some 6 months ago. Although it has not completely solved our problem it has definitely thinned them out. We have literally emptied millions of mosquitoes out of our catcher tray and if it weren't for the bush environment, a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, the results would be much better. Unfortunately we have had unseasonable rainfall for the last 12 months which is also in the mosquitoes favour.

    - Col and Ann Rawding
  • The Lake Joseph area has always had a mosquito problem and we have a swamp area behind our cottage that is a perfect breeding site for mosquitoes. We were bothered by mosquitoes from late spring through the summer months. We set the Mosquito Management System up to run for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening. After the first day's run, I was curious as to the number of mosquitoes the trap had caught. It was impressive, I counted roughly 500. By the end of the week we had literally caught thousands. That was thousands less to bother us. The Mosquito Management System certainly contributed to our enjoyment of our summer retreat.

    - Mr. Gordon Badger, Lake Joseph, Ontario, Canada
  • We had a lot of trouble with mosquito's and midges on the island. Since I bought a Mosquito Management System from you last January, it is very pleasant to sit or be outside in the yard. I recommend the Mosquito Management System to anyone.

    - Tom Van Dyken
  • "Since acquiring The Mosquito Management System it has attracted and killed large numbers of Mosquitoes, No..Seeums, Midges, and Sand Fleas which are terrible at the beach, ... it definitely attracts and kills these nuisance insects."

    - Mr. Steve Long, Carolina Beach, USA
  • We wanted to live in a rural setting and we found the perfect location overlooking the Grand River Valley. We committed and looked forward to evenings on our deck with its panoramic view through the trees around our home. But all was not as it should be. It became apparent that our idealic situation was threatened by mosquitoes that seemes to appreciate the location as much as we did. We heard about Mosquito Management System and decided to give it a try. We set the trap up to run for 3 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. Right away we were catching mosquitoes although my wife was expressing concerns that we still had too many mosquitoes. But within 5 days, the numbers of mosquitoes dropped dramatically and we were all happy with the performance of the trap. Now my neighbours and friends are interested in purchasing the mosQUITo Black Fly trap.

    - Mr. Brian Rosentreter, Near Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.
  • We conduct a health clinic at Bilambil Heights N.S.W. and as a result we were most interested in your Mosquito Management System because as you know mosquitoes carry all sorts of health problems which are transmitted to humans. We were very impressed with your promptness of delivery and constant service as well as your knowledge about your product and the problems it eradicates. We have had our system working for six months and the mosquito population has dropped dramatically. I can only thank you for introducing this device to us as before it was put into service our mosquito problem was so bad we were unable to even sit outside during the day let alone the evenings. I recommend to anyone who has a mosquito or similar type insect problem to contact Mosquito Management System and solve your problem.

    - Les and Susan O'NEILL