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MOSQUITO SLAYER Series 4 Standard (Non CO2 Gas)* for areas up to 400 square metres- The Mosquito Slayer Standard Unit is a non-gas trap One 250ml Bottle of Bantol 181 Mosquito and Midge lure is included with the trap. This unit can be easily upgraded to dispense a controlled flow of carbon dioxide with the Additional purchases of our revolutionary CO2 gas Regulator Hose (plus a  CO2 gas Modulator  3 Pack) which connects to a bottle of carbon dioxide. Unit comes with an all-weather transformer with 5M (12V) electrical Cord. The Gas bottles are not included but should be purchased separately.
Boxed & ready to ship - Carton Size 300mm(high) x 270mm(wide) x 440mm(long)

Please Note that trap colours may vary depending on availability


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Mosquito Slayer Series 4 -NON GAS

  • Product Code: Mosquito Slayer Ser. 4 -NON GAS
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