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Placing the Mosquito Slayer at a proper place is what is of utmost importance. Placing it at a proper place will ensure maximum protection from midge and other biting insects, quite efficiently in comparison to any other repellents or traps.

Ensure that the  Slayer is placed away from where you entertain and relax in order to draw the mosquitoes away from you. Place the trap in locations where mosquitoes are most likely to breed (wetlands, creeks, standing water etc.) or rest (trees, shrubs, tall grass), always keeping in mind the aim is to draw the mosquitoes away from people. That way you ensure maximum efficiency for this environmentally friendly mosquito control and killing system.

If you want the best trapping system in the world  try the Mosquito Slayer. It will help you control mosquito population in and around your home.

When using carbon dioxide gas with our outdoor mosquito control machines (primary attractant for larger catches) please note that the gas is heavier than air and, therefore, the gas will fall and drift downwards. Try to locate the trap at some raised place, if placing it on a graded site. Place the trap above suspected breeding sites. Place the gas cylinder in the shade that is not exposed in to direct sunlight. Also, ensure your tank is placed securely where it will not be knocked down or topple over.

The direction of prevailing winds should also be taken into consideration when choosing a site for placing the Mosquito Slayer and try to put it in a non windy position so the gases do not blow from the trap.

The main gas hose from the gas cylinder to the Master unit is 1.5 meters (4.5 feet). Other lengths of main gas hoses are available and can be chosen from.

CAUTION: Keep the trap out of the reach of children. Do not place or hang the trap on play structures or in range of automatic sprinklers.

Traps can be easily mounted to a fence or wall using 2 screws and are more effective than mosquito repellents. As they interpret the female breeding cycle  – contact us for more information.