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Best Mosquito Control Products & Mosquito Traps Manufacturer

Our range of products include best quality Mosquito Repellent Machine, Mosquito Traps, Indoor Mosquito Trap, Mosquito Catchers, Indoor Mosquito Killers, Mosquito Trap Machine in entire Australia

Bantix is an International and National award winning company for the development of its own mosquito traps and slayers. Revolutionary design features and patented technology work not only to attract, trap and kill mosquitoes, but over time disrupt the breeding cycle and reduce current and future mosquito populations in and around. Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, Bantix Mosquito Traps have been designed to provide effective, long term, DIY mosquito control. The company responsible for Mosquito Technology Research, manufacture and distribution of mosquito traps.

Simple facts from the inventor of the Mosquito Slayer

Mosquitoes kill millions of people around the world every year and hospitalize millions of people, they affect economies they pass disease like Malaria, Dengue Fever, Ross River Virus, Bahama virus, Yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, Murray Valley encephalitis, Zika Virus to name only a few diseases the female mosquito delivers not to just humans but also animals. To control their spread and minimize the effect and help protect your family and others you must break the breeding cycle of the female mosquito, killing male mosquitoes does absolutely nothing in breaking the breeding cycle. Today most sprays / chemical pesticides are no longer effective due to green chemical usage laws and are in many cases still dangerous if inhaled or touched as many are toxic.

Bantix Worldwide Ltd has worked for 16 years spending several million dollars developing and proving the Mosquito Slayer trapping systems to trap the female and kill her before she bites and extracts blood which she needs to provide protein for her eggs.

The mosquito traps have been exported into 74 countries. Our Mosquito Slayer mosquito traps have been tested by leading authorities and universities unlike most other traps available on the market. They are the best mosquito traps in the world. Their success has led to major pest companies, Australian Embassies, all our major mining companies, UN Peace keeping force, Australian Department of Defense, Zoos, schools to name just a few of our commercial customers as well as thousands of people who have installed them to protect their families.

Our Mosquito Slayer traps help to break the breeding cycle of the female mosquitoes catching between 83% and 98% of the female mosquitoes whereas most other traps mainly catch bugs and male mosquitoes, which does not help to break the breeding cycle in your area. They make many claims that are not true. Our mosquito traps are the best mosquito and midge traps in the world and our mosquito traps have patented technology that pulses the C02 gas the same as a warm blooded creature does, and the lures mimic the attractant given out by warm blooded creatures which attract the mosquitoes and midge to the mosquito traps

The fight against mosquitoes is a 24/7 fight and the beauty of our traps is they are working 24/7 in your garden they are water resistant and designed to be safe for outdoor use, they are easily installed and run of 12-volt AC or DC power from a water proof 240 volt to 12-volt power transformer, or Solar or Car battery.

If you wish to discuss our traps or your mosquito problem please contact me on 0405627426 or 0755935188

Our guarantee is if you don’t catch mosquitoes we will give your money back, plus a 12 months product repair or replacement warranty.

Specials Products

  • We live on acreage on the Gold Coast of Australia, 10 mins from the ocean and tucked away in bushland atop a ridge. Perfect. One thing stops us from enjoying the great outdoors is the dreaded Mosquito.   We had the Mosquito Slayer System installed some 6 months ago. Although it has not completely solved our problem it has definitely thinned them out. We have literally emptied millions of mosquitoes out of our catcher tray and if it weren't for the bush environment,

    Col and Ann Rawding, Homeowners / Gold Coast, Australia